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Million Token

To access, you need to have 1 token

Million is a cryptocurrency with a limited supply of 1,000,000 total tokens pegged to a minimum value of 1.00 USDC each. There is no upper bound.​

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Platform features:


Only token holders can write. The weight of the likes depends on the number of tokens the user has. Some discussions can be made available only to users who own a certain number of tokens.


All voting is open-ended. Through voting, you can determine the rules of the community and the direction of its development. The more tokens you have, the more weight your vote carries. And when you change the balance of tokens, the results of the votes change as well.

Earn tokens

Anyone can do something useful for the community and publish the result of his work, indicating how many tokens he values his work. After that any member of the community can pay for his work in whole or in part, if he considers it useful and the amount of payment fair.

Read more in the blog: Earning community tokens


Participants can jointly promote their community. For this purpose, individual invitation links and other functionality are provided.

Online services

Tokenized communities are platform-independent (blog post), so they can use multiple online venues simultaneously.

In the online services section, the community can discuss and vote on such platforms.

Open Data

All data posted by users on the site is publicly available. This allows you to reuse them in other services and makes the community platform-independent.

You can use the open API for this.